CV Troubleshooting

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If you are consistently failing to secure an interview, then this problem needs to be addressed.

Given the current economic climate, there is more competition for fewer jobs in the marketplace, so it’s crucial that you present your very best front to prospective employers.

Perhaps you are targeting the wrong jobs or your marketing material, your CV and cover letter, is making the wrong impact. If you have not invested time and effort into your marketing material you will not secure interviews.

Ensure that the email address you give on CVs is one you check regularly and double check that the correct mobile telephone numbers are supplied. Also consider the referees given, are they the best referees to help you get a job?

If you are targeting jobs where you lack the qualifications or experience, you really are going to struggle. Seek out a prospective employer and try to secure a short interview with them. Show them your CV and ask is there anything missing from your CV. Sometimes, further training is required or up-to-date training.

For example, jobs in the auto industry are becoming increasingly technology based. If you did your initial training many years ago, then maybe you need to demonstrate that your skills in terms of diagnostics are up-to-date by stating this on your CV or by doing a new certified course. Also, state on your CV if you have good computer skills or multiple driving licence categories.

Make use of your friends and family in your job search. Show them your CV and ask them to point out any weaknesses. The more people who know that you are in the market for a job, the more opportunity you have of securing a job.

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